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1What are the side effects associated with an IVC filter?
The major issues associated with blood clot filters include migration, detachment of the filter, perforation, or fractures. Since 2005, 921 adverse effects related to these blood clot filters have been reported, and side effects include issues such as pain, hemorrhaging, heart problems, shortness of breath, bleeding, pulmonary embolism, confusion, and even death, among other issues. If you believe you’ve experienced these issues after having an IVC filter, contact our team today for a free evaluation.
2Am I eligible for financial compensation if I’ve experienced any side effects after receiving an IVC filter?
Currently, a variety of litigation is still pending against manufacturers of IVC filters. Some IVC filter lawsuit settlements have already been awarded, but the majority of lawsuits have yet to be settled. Our team of experienced IVC filter lawyers will evaluate your case and help determine if you may be entitled to punitive damages.
3How much money will I receive as a result of a blood clot filter lawsuit?
A variety of factors go into evaluating each individual IVC filter lawsuit case. Factors include topics such as severity of side effects, the pain and suffering involved with the IVC filter, the amount of time spent dealing with an IVC filter issue, the amount of wages or earning potential lost, and other factors, including death. During your free evaluation, an IVC filter lawyer will work with you to understand what you may be able to receive as a result of an IVC filter lawsuit.
4Can I join an existing class action lawsuit?
Cases are continually being added to class action lawsuits, and you may be eligible to join one, depending on your case. Our lawyers will evaluate your case and determine the best course of action for your situation.
5How much will I have to pay to file an IVC filter lawsuit?
Most IVC filter lawsuit legal fees are covered by the settlement as the result of a favorable lawsuit. Contact our team today for a free evaluation and to learn more about your legal options.
6Have any IVC filters been recalled?
Currently, only one IVC filter has been recalled: the Boston Scientific Greenfield Vena Cava filter. While no other IVC filters have been recalled yet, the FDA is aware of the issues and complications resulting from the use of blood clot filters and is continuing to monitor the situation. Even without an official recall, you may be able to file litigation as a result of blood clot filter side effects.
7Can I file an IVC filter lawsuit on someone else’s behalf?
If complications from an IVC filter have resulted in the death of one of your family members, you may be able to file a lawsuit on their behalf. Contact our team today for a free evaluation and to find out if you can file a case.

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